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This page contains links to download  Palm Applications written by Nobska Web Design.  Check back often to see what's new, as we will try to add new programs as often as possible.  Better yet, why not bookmark this page?


  • Ham Fan is a small database program that allows you to log ham radio contacts on your Palm OS device.  You can log the call sign, name, date, time (in UTC if desired) and frequency of the contact.  More enhancements to this program will be added soon.   Once the program file is extracted, follow your device manufacturer's instructions for adding programs to your device.


  • Moving Day is a database program to help you move from one home to another with some semblance of organization and sanity.  When packing up your boxes to move, label each one with a number and put it into this database.  There's room in the database for the room that the stuff belongs in, as well as multiple lines of contents for each box.  Once, you're done, load up the truck with the numbered boxes!  When you get to your new home, you can view the database to find out what box the dishes and silverware are in!  My partner and I used a database application to help us move last time, when we 180+ boxes of stuff to move.  It really helps, so help yourself to this neat little application.

  • Library Minder is a nice application if you visit your local library often. This small database allows you to enter in book titles you borrow from the libarary and calculates the due dates, based upon the date the books were taken out. There's also a field to indicate if the books were renewed. It also has a space for you to list your favorite authors and view them while you are at the library. Download Library Minder and enjoy your next trip to the library.

  • Video Minder is an application to help you track video rentals and movies you want to rent.


Download Trial Palm Programs


  • Job Finder Minder is an organizer utility to assist your search for a new job.  It contains databases to store job search web sites,  address and contact information for individual companies, tracking of where and when you sent your resume, with follow-up reminder dates, as well as interview appointments with thank you letter follow-up reminders as well.  This is a 7 day free trial of the application. Buy JFM Now 



  • Site Minder is a handy place to put all your favorite web site urls.  It contains a place for you to rate each site (1-5), check whether you have bookmarked the site on your PC and a place to jot notes about the content or purpose of the site.  Great for frequent travelers, who are often away from their "home" PC, working at a customer site or in an internet cafe.
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