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Nobska Web Design was founded in 2001, by Lauren K. Finn. Since then, we have been providing web design solutions, based upon our core philosophy of 'simple navigation embedded in simple, yet elegant design'. This guiding principle is what drives us to create user-friendly, content-rich sites for our diverse client base. We listen and learn from our clients, so that our solutions exceed their expectations. In short, we strive to deliver more than we promise, to each and every client.

Robert B. Jesus joined the company in 2002 as Chief Technology Officer. Mr. Jesus graduated magna cum laude from Northeastern University with a B.S. in Computer Science. He is our lead programmer and is a Microsoft Certified Professional in both OS and Server technologies.

We have the following professional credentials and memberships:

Nobska Web Design - Int'l. Webmasters Association
Nobska Web Design - HTML Writer's Guild
Nobska Web Design - Apex badge
Nobska Web Design - CEM badge
Nobska Web Design TOTW Evaluator
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